We are so amazed to see how hospitable our youths along with the villagers can be. We have met friendly locals, eaten great food, visit beautiful surroundings and most importantly received little souvenirs to bring back after our trips and training sessions. ​Here are those unique souvenirs we have gotten from them. Some of those are also given to our guests during their trips.

1. Tambuk

We have gotten a mini Tambuk, at a height of 5 inches from Kampung Semedang during 3 day training session there. Tambuk is common among native tribes in Sarawak because it can be the best backpack for farming purposes. It can be big  and tall to be able to carry more paddy grains back to longhouses. This mini tambuk can be used either for decoration or basket for storing small things.

Thanks to Madam Catherine for such a unique memento, Madam Naura from Rabak Homestay for the willingness to collaborate on promoting Kampung Semedang as one of our trip packages. If you are interested to visit this village, book trip at this link.

Tambuk as souvenirs in Kuching with Backyard Tour Malaysia

2. Bracelets

Each one of us has got a bracelet when we visited Kampung Giam. Here in this village we have collaborated with Giam Homestay along with the two youths. ​​

Bracelet as souvenirs with Backyard Tour Malaysia

This simple bracelet combines the traditional element of Bidayuh accessories and the modernity of typical bracelet that you may find somewhere else. However, you can only find the uniqueness of Bidayuh traditional elements here in Sarawak.

Thanks Madam Phyllis for the lovely memento. If you wish to visit Kampung Giam, book trip here.

3. Plaque

This is a lovely souvenir specially made for the corporate group outing by Begu youths. 21 participants from that corporate group have organized a day trip at Kampung Begu.

As a memento to be brought back, the youths made this plaque for the group at the end of the trip. If you wish to visit Kampung Begu, book trip at this link.

Plaque as Souvenirs with Backyard Tour Malaysia

So what do you want to take as a souvenir?

​Returning home with something more than just fading memories and hundreds of photographs would be better, so why not?

Published Date: Oct 20, 2016