Semadang village is synonymous with the Semadang river thanks to the somewhat meteoric rise of the Kayaking activities done there. Rabak Villagestay is situated just outside the main village compound. The owner, Madam Naura is a very capable lady and a very good cook too. She almost single-handedly transformed this village house into a wonderful blend of traditional elements and modern functionality. Here at Rabak Villagestay you can get a taste of living in a village with activities such as jungle-shopping, jungle trekking, visit to a natural limestone formation and a hot spring as well. You can also be rest assured that you will be very well fed during your time here as the owner always ensures her guests get enough quality food.

Naura, host of Semadang Rabak Villagestay


Rabak Villagestay has two modern seated toilets and shower room. It also has a modern kitchen and a basin for hand-washing. Rooms wise, the house has 3 rooms. Each of the rooms are equipped with beds, with two queen size beds and two single beds. The house also has a living room with TV and sofas. Outside you can hang out at the front porch that has its own set of couches and coffee table. The house has ample windows for airflow without a need for air-conditioning.

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