[updated on 17th October 2021]

Ever since the government impose travel restrictions in early January (as early as 13 January 2021), travelling was only allowed for very important reasons. However, this restrictions are finally loosened starting on 11 October 2021 after more than 90 per cent of adults across the country were fully vaccinated. This would be that you will have to show proof that you are fully vaccinated on MySejahtera app or use the original vaccine card. You may also print out a physical copy of your ‘Fully Vaccinated’ status.


Also, it is best to ensure yourself free from COVID-19 by doing self-test before travelling. It is still cheaper to buy self-test kit (priced at RM19.90 retail price in Malaysia) than the overall cost when you travel being virus infected spreader. Check this website for KKM approved self-test kits : https://covid-19.moh.gov.my/garis-panduan/gp-umum-covid19/kit-ujian-kendiri-covid19-self-test-kit

TAKE NOTE: Sarawak imposed slightly more rules for those travelling into the state

For those who want to enter Sarawak, if you are fully vaccinated and you are travelling from overseas, take note the following:-

  • Apply through EnterSarawak
  • Fill in e-Health Declaration Form (EHDF)
  • Take swab test rt-PCR 3 days before entering
  • Go for quarantine for 7 days at designated station
  • Share travelling history to officers at airport when requested

If you are travelling from other states in Malaysia and you are Sarawakians, as long as you are fully vaccinated, you just need to fill in e-Health Declaration Form (EHDF). Just make sure that your current status is ‘Low risk’ or ‘Casual contact without symptoms’.

Non-Sarawakians still need to apply through EnterSarawak on top of filling in the EHDF, unless you are among the following:-

  • Federal officers serving in Sarawak
  • Private sector employees
  • Married to a Sarawakian
  • Children of a Sarawakian
  • MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) visa holders

For those not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated, they are still allowed to enter Sarawak but with certain condition:-

  • Apply through EnterSarawak
  • Fill-in the EHDF
  • Take swab test (either rt-PCR or RTK Antigen test) within 3 days before
  • ‘Low risk’ or ‘Casual Contact without symptoms’ status on MySejahtera app
  •  Home quarantine for 10 days