There are few things to consider when you decided to travel to countries in South East Asia. Deciding where is safe politically or environmentally is one thing. Another thing would be knowing what risks are you going to have when you reach there. So in this article, you are going to find out what are the 5 typical risks that you may encounter upon visiting South East Asia countries.

Risks to Note while Travelling to SEA with Backyard Tour Malaysia

1. Bad Stomachs

Local street food is very popular and among the must-thing you should try when you travel to these countries. However, you have to be wary about cleanliness of that food place. Food poisoning can be pretty serious in some countries due to unclean food served. Your stomach might also bugs you because of unfamiliarity. You can try to reduce risk by drinking water from sealed or bottled bottles and always eat hot, freshly-prepared food.  Also remember to always check the food preparation area and its surrounding before buying.

Bad Stomach (Credit to St. Anthony Healthplex) Read Risks While travelling to South East Asia with Backyard Tour Malaysia

2. Sunburns

You will be prone to sunburns in South East Asia due to its location nearer to the equator. Even though beaches are common in this region, sunburns are not common only during sun-bathing. South East Asia only have 2 seasons; dry and wet. During dry season where sun are also shining brightly, the heat effect can be pretty bad. You can reduce the risk by applying sunscreen or sunblocks. Wearing a cap or a hat with cotton clothes is also more comfortable while travelling to these countries.

Sunburns (Photo Credit: Organic Facts) Read Risks while Travelling to SEA with Backyard Tour Malaysia

3. Mosquitoes Bites

Being a tropical region, South East Asia is a home for tonnes of mosquitoes. Dengue and malaria are very common illness here. Zika has also started making the rounds. So make sure you are using mosquito repellents especially during the evenings, around the exposed skin. There are some natural repellents such as peppermint, catnip and lemon balm leaves that are helpful too. Best of all, be fully-clothes and avoid perfumes and dark clothes.

Mosquito Bites (Photo Credit to nuzree) Read risks while travelling to SEA with Backyard Tour Malaysia

4. Thefts

Poverty is an issue in most countries in South East Asia. There is a lot of chance for purse-snatching or pick-pocketing to happen. You can reduce the risk of being robbed by always exercise caution when carrying your valuables. Be consciously aware of what and who around you as well. If possible, keep minimal stuff with you when venturing out especially at night.

Thefts (Photo Credit to The Star Online) Read risks while travelling to SEA with Backyard Tour Malaysia

5. Scams

Scams towards foreigners always happened due to greed and perception that foreigners will always have a lot of money to be spent during travel. You might be a victim too. Some may rip you off for the food or services they offer. It is always better to take the help of local guides in such cases. A local guide would have first-hand experience of everything. He or she can tell you things that no guide book or website can. But, you can also do deep research before your trip. This would help you personally.

Scams (Photo Credit to Nishi V) Read risks while travelling to SEA with Backyard Tour Malaysia

Despite all of the above, South East Asia countries remain a very interesting region to travel. Just pack along your brains and use common sense, you will have a good trip. With this list, we hope you can avoid those risks and enjoy your trip.

This article is inspired from TourPlus

Published Date: Sep 20, 2017