Learn about everything the people of Sarawak used in the past

In this article, we will learn about traditional equipment of the Bidayuh native tribe of Sarawak. Some of the equipment that Bidayuh people used in the past still preserved; ranging from kitchenware to feats of engineering in construction.

Old utensils and traditional equipments used by the community preserved in Benuk Museum with Backyard Tour Malaysia

1. Traditional Bidayuh Rattan Baskets

The Bidayuh people living in Sarawak are known to make various baskets out of rattan or bamboo strips. They are very durable and are used to store farm products as well as for decorative purposes. The most popular one is the “Tambuk” which is cylindrical in shape and supported by four vertical sticks.

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Some Bidayuh, especially the Bidayuh in Bau District would also name these baskets as juah, sajuo, siropid and sibatang . Some other Bidayuh name them as raga and ranji.

Adapted from:  A Dayak Bidayuh Community  Rituals, Ceremonies & Festivals by Patrick Rigep Nuek

Collections of Bidayuh rattan baskets varies according to its usage

Tapan is a flat basket, crafted either fully bind-edged or semi bind-edged. It is usually used for paddy husking in order to separate rice grain from its husk.

Reked is a small basket, useful for keeping small household items. It is practical and useful to be kept in our house up to today. Some other Bidayuh in different dialect named this basket as prasang.

2. Traditional Bidayuh mats

Bidayuh people also craft traditional mats called kasahor ombuok (in Bau district).

In olden days, the Bidayuh women made kasah during their free time, usually in the evening after going back from their farm or during rainy season when farming is not possible.

These mats are very convenient to use because it can be put on indoor and outdoor easily and then rolled back whenever you want to keep them.

Kasah is among one of the traditional equipment still preserved until today due to its practical use.

Published Date: Mar 20, 2016