Located at the very end of one of the trunk roads into inner Padawan, Kampung Parang is one the lesser known Bidayuh villages in the area. Going to this village will take you through a winding road that goes up and down. It require every bit of excellent driving skills and raw engine power from the vehicle. However, upon reaching Parang village, you will get a sense of discovering a lost city which was tucked away under the layers of higher hills around it. ​

Kampung Parang with Backyard Tour Malaysia

Kampung Parang remains off-the-grid, relying on diesel generators and there is hardly any cellphone reception, a perfect destination for a retreat. Like Kampung Sadir, Kampung Parang has its fair share of flowing rivers and waterfalls, earning the nickname “Waterfall Paradise” among us.

Update on May 18, 2019: The village has been connected to electricity grid since 2018.

Where it all started

The history of Kampung Parang is actually pretty short as the village is quite new compared to others. Nonetheless, Kampung Parang started when a group of Pagans left Kampung Tabak in 1973 and settled at a place called Batu Parang. There they established a new village and named it Kampung Parang. The villages then subsequently cleared off lands to build their farms. In 1988 Christianity came to the village and the villagers decided to embrace Christianity, building a SIB church there in the process.

Source: History of Bidayuh in Kuching Division, Sarawak by Dr. Chang Pat Foh

Exclusive Features

Kampung Parang is the ideal destination for a relaxing trip to be one with nature, as well as for groups who want a peaceful place to organize a retreat. In the village, you can find:

1. Waterfalls, waterfalls everywhere

This village is totally surrounded by river and big rocks formation. Thus, forming waterfalls, deep and shallow, literally everywhere. The water is still clean, makes it very fun be in, especially the kids. The villagers generally take pride in the amount of waterfalls surrounding their village.

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2. Cascading Waterfall

This village also have cascading waterfall. You will be amazed by the feeling of water rushing down on you while you relax on the rocks of this waterfall. Here the water cascades down a series of even, stairs-like rocks to create the illusion of layering. Definitely a personal favorite, and recommended!

3. Beautiful and Clean river

Who doesn’t love beautiful crystal-clear water? The river in Parang serve as bathing spots for the locals and they will be more than happy to welcome you to take a dip as well. Just remember not to throw any rubbish into them as the villagers take pride in the cleanliness of their river.

Published Date: Jan 22, 2016