When it comes to food,  you will surely want to try the best. In this article, we will recommend few food places that you could consider when you arrive in Kuching.

These places are within walking distance, and feature mostly unique Sarawak food. There are a lot of other good food, but these are just some recommendation. Let us know if there are other worth-to-try food on the list.

Where to go for Halal food?

It is not really easy for Muslims to find unique local food in Kuching city, but it doesn’t mean there are none! Check out the map below to visit some of the recommended food places that are also halal.

These places has their own opening time. Do check their info on Google Maps to avoid visiting when they are closed.

Where else to go?

The following map includes options for all other unique local Sarawak food, be it Chinese or tribal food. It also includes small stalls along with other coffee shops and high class restaurants.

You can make use of the map when you are hunting for food. If you dare to be adventurous, your culinary discovery will be another joyful highlight for your trip in Kuching.