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Stories of Kampung Kiding

Kampung Kiding is an absolute gem hidden in the mountains. Located high up and tucked in Mount Kiding, Kampung Kiding offers visitors unparalleled, cascading view from the mountain top. ​

Being so high up, the village is disconnected from the main power grid and has to rely on diesel generators. The place is however very chilling throughout the day and thus, discounting the need for air-conditioning. Due to it being 500 meters up, visitors have to trek for two hours to reach the village though you might be able to flag down the passing motorcycles ridden by the locals. ​

Where it all started

The community in Kampung Kiding originated from the Tibiah group in Padawan movement and it was started in the 1840s where several longhouses were built at Mount Kiding. In the past there were 7 different “Kupo”s or sub-villages  with 60-odd families in Kampung Kiding itself. The Kupos were Kupo Kiding, Kupo Hruti, Kupo rabak, Kupo Sakar, Kupo Rutan, Kupo Pake and Kupo Nganat. Simar then built a Pangah or ceremonial house at Kupo Kiding for the practise of ancient rites.
There was originally a primary school opened by the Anglican Missionary at the village in 1952, but it was closed down in 1954 due to the lack of students.
Source: History of Bidayuh in Kuching Division, Sarawak by Dr. Chang Pat Fo

Exclusive Features

Speaking of the treasures of Kiding, let’s take a look at what it has to offer; here you will find:

1. Big, Big Waterfalls

2. Bamboo bridges

3. Mountain top views

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