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Stories about Kampung Sadir

Easily one of the more accessible village that we have collaborated with. Kampung Sadir has a road that leads straight to its insides. Internally known as the Waterfall Extravaganza, Kampung Sadir is famous for its accessible waterfalls and scenery that will not fail to bring visitors closer to mother nature than they have ever been. Oh did we mention that there is a total of SEVEN waterfalls around the village?

Where it all started?

The inhabitants of Kampung Sidos (the old name for Kampung Sadir) originally came from west Kalimantan, Indonesia more than 10 generations ago. They have settled in Kampung Sidos and built a longhouse as well as a Panggah there. Then, a small group of people came from the Biannah movement and they too settled there. However, both the longhouses and ceremonial houses were dismantled in the 1970s.

In the 1960s, a primary school was built in Seranyang, right in between Kampung Sadir and Kampung Semuti. It was then moved to Kampung Sadir in the 1970s and was renamed SK St. Bernard Sadir.

Source: History of Bidayuh in Kuching Division, Sarawak by Dr. Chang Pat Foh

Exclusive Features

If you ever come to Kampung Sadir, be prepared to be wowed by way nature presents the village. Here you will find:

1. Ban Buan Kukuot waterfall

2. Mabi waterfall

3. Resort-styled School

The school has been awarded as the best landscape project of Mission School in Padawan area. Among the many landscape features in the school which incorporate local culture and influences is this bari gaga – a bamboo hut normally built at hill padi farms for shelter or overnight stays during farming season.

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