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Stories about Kampung Begu

A village tucked behind the woods and yet close enough to the main Kuching-Serian trunk road. Begu village is blessed with rich, fertile land fit for agricultural work. On top of that, it is in fact home to the largest flower in the world; the Rafflesia. ​

Come explore Kampung Begu now and you won’t be disappointed. 

Where it all started

In the 1870s, Gadu and Kayak Bai Ngabing anak Gadu brought a group of people out from Kupo Segon, Kampung Gayu to be specific, after it was razed by fire. They then went to a river nearby where they were a lot of “Begu” fish (normally known as catfish). There they settled and named it Kampung Begu. In the new establishment, a new 8 door longhouse was built, and subsequently extended to 21 doors.  In 1980, the longhouse was dismantled and individual houses were built around the village compound.

Source: History of Bidayuh in Kuching Division, Sarawak by Dr. Chang Pat Foh

Exclusive Features

Packed with different attractions, Kampung Begu is really the jack-of-all-trades among the villages we have visited and collaborated with. If you ever come to Kampung Begu, you should expect to find:

1. A small waterfall:

2. Taang & Bedoh cave:

3. Rafflesia breeding site:

4. The mysterious blue spring:

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