The capital city of Sarawak

Kuching is one of the states in East Malaysia. You think you have known it all, the museums, the famous caves, beaches, the commercial cultural villages. BUT do you? Here’s a list of things and facts you might not have known, we are betting on it.

Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building with Backyard Tour Malaysia

1. There are lot more hidden beauties within Kuching itself

If you look at the above pictures, these places actually exist around Kuching? We want to show you these places that are not commercialized and stunningly beautiful. They are not offered elsewhere, so you’ll have quite a lot to brag to your friends.

Kuching are famous only with few waterfalls and caves. However, if you are to stay a bit longer in the town, you will realize that almost every villages in Kuching have their own waterfalls, caves or mountains to be visited. The limestone structure in almost every part of Kuching has contributed to this beautiful effects.

2. Great food, city and rural areas alike

Yeah we know Malaysia is famous for its food, but what about the food scene in the rural areas? We are happy to report that even all the way into the deeper parts of Kuching, there’s still AMAZINGGG food….!

3. Fantastic people are almost everywhere

They say that Malaysians are generally friendly and hospitable. The people here just brought it to the next level and we’re speaking from a personal point of view. Tolerance among the people despite the fact that they comes from different ethnics help the community here to embrace each other differences openly. You can easily see different kind of religious and ethnic parades celebrated in the middle of Kuching town without prejudice. Those parades can be easily celebrated not just from the people from that religion or ethnic, but also from the other races. It was never a big deal as to compared to Peninsular Malaysia, the western side of the country.

4. Diversity in races brings out uniqueness

There are few different races that live for centuries in Kuching, about 26 big group of races. Even for one race, they have different groups under it that have slightly different culture, tradition and even language vocabulary. Every single group has its own uniqueness. Take Bidayuh for example, there are Bidayuh Selako group, Bidayuh Biatah group, Bidayuh Bau group and Bidayuh Bukar-Sadong group. Despite slowly disappearing in the midst of modernization and lack of appreciation, the authentic cultural aspect of the Bidayuh people is spectacular, and colorful.

5. The communities are actually in need; especially those in rural areas

We have gone through a good list of things that are amazing and spectacular, but what you really might not know, is that the communities, especially the rural communities need a lot of help.

Did you know that one of five rural youths are unemployed, and 30% of employed ones are doing low quality work (International Labor Organization, 2013). We have personally how brilliant these people are, just looking for a breakthrough in life.

What Can I Do to Help?

Now that you know that the community even in Kuching itself are facing challenges just to survive days by days, why not take part in helping. We as a company take hold on the belief that we would never give them donation. Instead, we believe that they can make use of what they already have and monetize on it. They should have ownership on their own business. Thus, the introduction into tourism industry. They are now local guide at their own village, taking travelers to immerse in the beauty of their backyard. If you are interested to help, you can join on their tours and directly pay them for their service.

Published Date: Nov 20, 2016