Lying behind the mountains, Kampung Git gives an insight on how a modernized Bidayuh village would look like. Gone were the long houses and ceremonial houses and in came the modern individual houses. Established beside a river, the villagers would bathe in it during the hot season and a place of relaxation for the rest of the year. Even though the village has moved into the modern age, the hospitality and culture of the people remained the same.

Where it all started

After living in Bung Kom for more than a few generations, a group of Biperoh families led by Sumeh left the village and settled in river Git. They subsequently named it Kampung Tembawang Git and were joined  by a few more Biperohs from Kampung Karu a few years later. They then built a 20 door longhouse and also a Panggah.

However, in the 1940s, a plague caused 10 families led by Atei to leave the village and settle at river Nyiru, naming it Kampung Nyiru.

In 1946, there was a cholera outbreak in Kampung Tembawang Git. This forced the whole village to abandon the establishment and move across Sarawak Kiri river. There they built a longhouse but still retained the old name of Kampung Git. The longhouse was eventually demolished to make way for individual houses.

Exclusive features

Like every other village, the seemingly normal or common Kampung Git has its own tricks up its sleeves. Coming to Kampung Git, you can expect to find:-

1. The Git Riverfront 

A perfect place to be at on a hot day; bathing and relaxing by the river. This is also the end point for the annual Rafting Competition event. besides just bathing and relaxing by the river, you can also have a boat ride along the river.

2. Visit Fruit Orchard

There are some fruit orchard that you can access easily here in Kampung Git. You only need to know when exactly fruiting season in order to visit.

3. Miniature Cave System

Believe it or not, there is actually a cave in Kampung Git. It’s tough to get there as you will have to trek through a jungle and rocky terrains. Nevertheless, the journey offers plenty of excitement in being one with nature.

SourceHistory of Bidayuh in Kuching Division, Sarawak by Dr. Chang Pat Foh

Published Date: Jan 16, 2016