Experience Mountain Village Life 3D2N Tour

Enjoy tribal food, blowpipe games and music, trek trough tropical rainforests and catch the beautiful sunrise at the village viewpoint on a mountaintop.

Price from MYR650

Inclusive of transfers, meals, accommodation, village entrance fee and mentioned activities

– Optional visit to Semenggoh Nature Reserve for orang-utan feeding (morning session)

Price from MYR650

Inclusive of transfers, meals, accommodation, village entrance fee and mentioned activities

– Optional visit to Semenggoh Nature Reserve for orang-utan feeding (morning session)

What to expect:

Enjoy a complete Bidayuh tribe adventure that will bring you to the village above the clouds in three days two nights. You can experience traditional food during your stay, playing blowpipe games, walk around the village and listening to stories shared by the elders of the village.

You can also try to learn traditional Bidayuh music instruments like ‘rahtung” and ‘gedok’. You can also try out Bidayuh traditional costumes while learning the tribal dance moves. This however, require additional charges.

Second day would be the best time to trek trough tropical Borneo rainforest, crossing through some village farms to swim at one of their big and beautiful waterfalls; known as Tanju Waterfall, Gareg Waterfall and Jahnam Waterfall.

You will also have to chance to view beautiful sunrise in the early morning, after walking up to the topmost viewpoint in the village. On the third day, you can leave after breakfast or latest before 11.30 am. You can choose an optional add-on visit to Semenggoh Nature Reserve for orang-utan feeding (morning session).

Do note that:-

  1. Sunrise viewing is totally dependent on weather, so if you are lucky, you will have the best view of sunrise above the clouds.
  2. Jungle trekking would be of high difficulty level, require approximately three hours journey to reach Tanju waterfall (highly recommended waterfall spot).

Starts : 9.00 am

Ends: 11.30 am on the third day 

Activities includes:

  • Village tour
  • Sunrise viewing
  • Waterfall trekking
  • Blowpipe games
  • Tribal food cooking

Package Price:

  • 2 – 3 person (MYR 800 per adult)
  • 4 person and more (MYR 650 per adult)

* Children (age 12 and below) will be half price.


  • Cultural performance night, weaving learning session, machete making learning session  and visit to the farm can be arranged for extra costs (please mention in your booking form)
  • MYR 30 per adult – Semenggoh Nature Reserve for Orang-Utan feeding session

Highly recommended

  • Extra change of clothes
  • Bathing suit
  • Trekking shoes
  • Drinking water/bottle
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Insect repellent
  • Cap/Hat
  • Thin towels
  • Toiletries


  • Rubber sandals
  • Raincoat/Poncho
  • Headlamp/torchlight

Jirung is one of of the local hosts whom we have been working with for the past year when it comes to bringing travelers to Kiding village. He has spent most of his life in the village, doing house construction work and involving in village committee affairs. He is hardworking and dedicated in providing the best experience for visiting travelers. Jirung is as dependable as it gets and he is equally knowledgeable of the rain forest around Kiding village. He speaks basic English.

Gegery is the other local host from Kiding village. Gegery is very knowledgeable of the surroundings of the village and is always ready to offer his assistance to visitors. Gegery is a true animal enthusiast and would spend his free time walking in the forest searching for exotic animal sightings. Gegery is an excellent and dependable guide; usually seen leading visitors to the waterfall when they are jungle trekking. He speaks basic English.

Mr Bakas, who is also the village chief, is respectfully being called KK Bakas. KK means Ketua Kampung, which translates to village chief. He always welcome travellers, be it locals or foreigners, to his house. Even though his house features very basic facilities, this is usually the common center for visitors to meet and stay for short period of time. He speaks basic English, but you can always rely on him for help whenever you are in this mountain village.

Madam Hibun is Mr Bakas’s first daughter. She helps to take care of their house after the passing of her mother few years ago. She is very hospitable and also a very good cook. She is capable is accommodating your taste buds and food preferences given her experience working in restaurants previously. She would always make sure you won’t go hungry during your stay, so do your sleep as she would make sure your bed will be well taken care off.

  • Price shown EXCLUDES of online transaction charges, insurance coverage and personal expenses
  • At least 30% upfront payment will be requested upon booking confirmation
  • Price shown is valid until 31/12/2020

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