About Us

Responsible Tour Provider - Empowering communities through meaningful trips

Slogan of Backyard Tour Malaysia

Backyard Tour wants to do more than just providing tours like everyone else. We want to balance income from organizing tours and give back to the communities. As a responsible tour provider, we design tours with the locals to give you a chance to experience real local flavor like never before. Experiences include jungle trekking through the Borneo rain forest, cooking with the local hosts, and spending the night in a village house with the real born-and-bred-there villagers. Aside from designing experiences for travelers, Backyard Tour also holds community programs through collaboration with organizations whose values are aligned with us. Ultimately, we aim to be one of the leading responsible tourism providers – one that stresses on community empowerment and preservation of culture and values. 

Words from our co-founder

I can’t help but wonder on the lack of job opportunities in this place that I live in now, that is Kuching. The questions on “Why is it so difficult to get jobs here?” “If there are jobs, why do they seems to exploit the employees?” Given limited job opportunity, some of those staying in the villages would never get a chance to get fairly-paid job. Yes, Kuching is not a metropolitan city. It is understandable why there would be less job opportunities and career advancement here.

But what can we do with this issue? Can’t we create that opportunities instead? I have seen beautiful landscapes around, just at our own backyards. Nature has its best to offer in this city. Not only that, we have rich culture and tradition still preserved by the older generation. If we could tap on this uniqueness that we already had, we could create that much needed opportunities. We see all these elements work well in travel industry. All these has brought Backyard Tour into where it is now.

We may be small now, but we envision this concept of ‘creating job opportunities right at our backyards’ would be done not only in Kuching, but also elsewhere in this world.

~ Abbie Hosanna~

Our Vision

To be the leading responsible and sustainable tourism provider.

Our Mission

To provide unique experiential excursions to tourists while giving back to the local communities within the region.

Meet the Team!

Abbie Hosanna

Abbie Hosanna


A Bidayuh native passionate in helping her own community

Dawson Lee

Dawson Lee


City boy from Ipoh, who fell in love with the beauty and culture of Sarawak


Melody Malden

Melody Malden


Sarawakian who loves nature, sports, music and being outdoor


Our Core Values

As we move forward as a company, our core values ​keep us rooted and stay on course.



We are fully focused on helping the rural communities in Sarawak, through the youths, as our primary objective. We seek to add a social dimension value into your travels.



By training rural youths in Sarawak to become guides in their own villages, we hope to empower them financially and inspire a wave of change to break the poverty cycle.



We want to bring you on an authentic adventure where you’ll see how the locals actually live daily and visit their unexplored attractive backyards.



Customize the kind of experience you want with us. We want to help you fulfill your one of a kind memorable trip.



With us, there is no division when you come to our homes. Be our guests and let us treat you like family.